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It’s simple. Just login to your Backpack account and click the “Account” link. Click the “Upgrade” button for the plan you want and, in less than 30 seconds, you’ll be all set.
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Editor’s and Reader’s Choice -BusinessWeek

Ridiculously simple and awesome
As a hint about what Backpack can do, and just how ridiculously simple and awesome it is, let me say this: I am about to leave the house, but I really want to continue playing with this all day, so I will. -Tangentialism

It’s worth every penny
Getting yourself organized can be an uphill task. But extending the thought to a small group might send shivers through your spine. If so, take a peek at this great Web-based tool. The free parts allow you to collect and share to-do and note items. If you upgrade to the paid version, you can add file attachments. Oodles of other nifty features are to be had, such as RSS feeds, and every page has an inbound e-mail address. It’s worth every penny. -St. Petersberg Times

I’m in love. Love, I tell you.
I recently stumbled across Backpack, and I’m in love. Love, I tell you. Backpack is such a brilliant online organiser for travellers that it’s like a Filofax or PDA mainlining IV espresso... Brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you. -Wanda Lust

I want to marry it
It’s like Flickr and Ta-Da Lists got together and had a freakishly clever child. It is the solution to my short term memory problems and heaven for the organizer in me. I want to marry it. -Simply Geek

Perfectly conceived...
Backpack is perfectly conceived and the most elegantly executed web app I’ve seen. Period. I’m excited again about keeping things organized at work and at home. I plan to be Backpack-ing a lot every day. -Richard Bird

Really, really easy to use
It’s really, really easy to use. The interface is uncluttered and the features are intuitive. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? -Colleen Typepad

A true web-based brain
A lot of applications have claimed to be online organizers, but Backpack is the first web app that really comes close to being a true web-based brain. -Emily Chang, Being EDU

Impossible to live without
This is impossible to live without. This is by far the best web application I’ve ever used. -Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Usefulness perfected
Backpack is the one application that I absolutely love with my whole heart. I want a stronger synonym for “useful” to describe Backpack, but for now that’s how I’ll describe it: Usefulness perfected. I love it. -Dave Caolo

Check out more reviews and reactions or browse a some examples of how you can use Backpack to organize your business.

More pages, calendar, files, photos, no ads.
Just a little gets you a whole lot.

More pages

More pages = more useful

Free accounts get you started with 5 pages. However, upgraded accounts include between 100 and 7,500 pages. With more pages at your disposal, you’ll always have the room you need to keep everything organized. Plus you can use tags (watch a video demo) to keep your pages better organized.

Get inspired by viewing examples of a few of the ways you can start using Backpack.

Backpack Calendar

The Backpack Calendar

Upgraded accounts also get access to the popular Backpack Calendar. It’s simple, web-based, sharable, and it can remind you of your events via email or an SMS/text to your cell phone!

Upload and Share Images

Upload and share images

Backpack makes it incredibly easy to upload images and photos for yourself, share them with a select few, or share them with the world.

When you upload an image to Backpack, it automatically resizes it, thumbnails it, and then links to the full size version. You can even email photos to a Backpack page. Backpack also lets you add captions to the photos if they need descriptions. See the some Backpack Page examples with images.

Attach files to pages

Attach files to pages (just like email)

Need to get a file up online so your co-workers can share it? Want to keep some files available online so you can get to them at any time? Need to make sure you always have access to your invoice template, fax cover sheet, or expense report form? Attach them to a Backpack page.

Backpack lets you attach any type or number of files to a page. You can even email files to a Backpack page.

Ad free public pages

Backpack lets you post a page publicly so anyone and everyone can see it. An ad for Backpack as well as Google text ads in the sidebar are displayed on public pages belonging to free account holders. Public pages for upgraded Backpack members are ad free (there’s just a small Backpack link at the bottom of the page).

SSl Security

128-bit SSL security on Solo, Plus, Premium, and Max

Solo, Plus, Premium, and Max plans offer fully secured 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe as it travels over the internet. This is the same level of security provided by online banks.

Upgrade today

Upgrade your Backpack account today

It’s simple. Just login to your Backpack account and click the “Account” link. Click the “Upgrade” button for the plan you want and, in less than 30 seconds, you’ll be all set.