Backpack Overview

Backpack makes it easy to keep all of your essential documents, information, schedules in one place all the time.
Never lose the notes, files and data that you depend on. Always available and secure.

Gather & share information on Backpack Pages

Watch a video demonstrating how easy it is to make a Backpack Page

Backpack Pages are the core of Backpack. You can add any combination of notes, to-dos, files,
photos, and dividers to a Backpack Page. Pages just take seconds to create.

Backpack page

Backpack loves getting email

Backpack works hand in hand with email. You can send emails or email file attachments to Backpack and they’ll automatically
appear on your pages. Create notes, to-do lists, and photo galleries simply by sending an email to a Backpack Page.

Backpack and email

Get your schedules together with a group calendar

Watch a video overview of the Backpack Calendar

Share a calendar with your co-workers (or just make one for yourself). Color-coding makes it easy to spot which
appointment is for which person. In a glance you’ll know when someone’s busy or free.
Backpack will even send reminders to your email account or mobile phone!

Group Calendar

Centralize and organize group communications

Watch a video demonstrating the benefits of Backpack Messages

Forget messy back and forth email exchanges. Instead, use Backpack Messages to centralize your communications.
Post a message and your entire team can leave comments. It’s so much cleaner.

Backpack messages

Find out what’s new in the Newsroom

Watch a video overview of the Backpack Newsroom

The Newsroom shows you the latest messages and comments plus you can see who’s created or changed pages,
added reminders or calendar events. The latest activity is always in the Newsroom.

Backpack Newsroom

Sharing pages with colleagues, friends, or family is easy

Watch a video demo that shows how to share Backpack pages

Backpack makes it easy to share a page of information that you’ve created. People you share with can
also add new items and change content on the page. It’s perfect for quick collaboration or sharing knowledge.

Share a page

Never forget with Backpack Reminders

Watch a video demo of how Backpack Reminders will keep your memory sharp

Need to remember to rent the projector for the meeting Friday or to book the flight to LA for the client presentation next week?
Backpack reminders keep you timely with email and text message notifications.

Backpack reminders

Write and revise together with Writeboards

Writeboards are text documents that save a new version each time you make a change. You can jump back to any version and
easily compare versions, so you never need to worry about overwriting a good idea. Writeboards work even better with groups.
Each version shows the person who authored it, and anyone involved can post comments to discuss the document.

Writeboards in Backpack

The Journal keeps track of what everyone is working on

Watch a video that shows how the Journal keeps everyone informed

The Journal helps answer these common questions: “What are you working on?” and “What have you done today?”.
When your team keeps their Journals updated, everyone knows what’s getting done.


Get everyone in your company or group on Backpack

Watch a video that shows how easy it is to add others to your Backpack account

Backpack excels when you use it with other people. Add co-workers, colleagues, friends,
or family to your account and share pages, knowledge, files, calendars, reminders, and more.